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English Summary

What is a Diversity Charter?

Diversity Charter is a voluntary initiative supported by European Commission and EU Platform of Diversity charters. It is a voluntary initiative for promoting diversity management principles and sharing of good practice across member states. Creation of Diversity Charter in Slovakia was initiated by DIVERSITY PRO in collaboration with member companies of Business Service Centers Forum of the American Chamber of Commerce. Since 2017, Business Leaders Forum took over the role of the administrator of Diversity Charter Slovak Republic. Realisation of national Diversity charter is in accordance with Action plan for prevention of all forms of discrimination 2016-2019 under the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour and Family of the Slovak Republic. The aim of this plan is to ensure efficient protection against discrimination, to better compliance with antidiscrimination law in practice, to better awareness about discrimination, among key stakeholders and to raise awareness about prevention and protection against discrimination among public.

Diversity Charter Slovak Republic

Diversity is at the heart of our success, creating a culture of respect, trust, empathy, learning and inclusion which enables us to recruit the best talents and empowers the people in our organisations to be more innovative, productive, and solve problems in more creative ways. Diversity is also an effective means of enhancing our reputation and building loyalty with employees, suppliers, shareholders, subcontractors, business partners and clients in Slovakia and around the world. As we strive for diversity, we equally foster an inclusive culture by creating a work environment that values and understands differences and that is founded on fairness, openness and trust, where we feel that we belong, that we are respected and that we are heard. We believe that embracing diversity and an inclusive approach are important aspects to remain competitive and economically successful. Therefore, we are adopting the principles of the Slovak Diversity Charter. By signing the Diversity Charter we, representatives of our companies and organizations, commit to:

Respecting diversity and an inclusive approach in the workplace; irrespective of gender, sex, race, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability, family status, maternity or paternity, pregnancy or adoption status, marital or civil partnership status, social background, political or religious beliefs or any other status;

Not compromise in our efforts to keep the workplace free from all forms of discrimination and harassment, and value mutual respect and the principles of equal treatment; defend our staff against discrimination;

Maintain and enhance a diverse working environment; persistently foster an inclusive work environment free of prejudice for all representative groups in Slovakia, in line with the first two commitments;

Recognise diversity as having business value and driving innovation, enhancing the company’s and organization’s economic performance and competitiveness;

Incorporate inclusion and diversity management in our strategies and HR processes as well as raise awareness of diversity issues among our management. Support the diversity principle, with the emphasis on reducing conscious and unconscious bias, and providing equitable treatment in: recruitment, performance assessment, access to training and promotion, salaries, career development, work life integration, protection against harassment and protection against unfair dismissal;

Be role models and ambassadors of diversity and inclusion. Communicate internally and externally our actions and progress in promoting diversity. Train and educate our employees and other relevant stakeholders about inclusion and diversity and involve them in its realization.